Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watching the Sugar Bowl & Can't Help But Notice...

As a fan of Ohio State Football, I'm sitting watching the Sugar Bowl on ESPN. Most off the BCS bowl game audience will have a hard time not noticing all of the Nissan advertising.  (Barclay field goal, no good - Damn) From the "Nissan Pre-Game Shift" to the presenting sponsor of the Heisman Trophy, the automaker is heavily invested in College Football. I will say as a car guy, dead set on a new Camaro, I find their commercials to be very well done.

Most car commercials can be very bland and look the same. I just wanted to share my thoughts on some commercials you might have watched during the BCS bowl games.

I could just see myself, years in the future, wanting to change my Camaro into something bigger. (Touchdown Posey!)

Pause the video at 11 seconds and tell me you didn't laugh?

Now as a kid, I was taught to play nice. I didn't scratch up my cars (too bad, at least) or break out a saw and chop them in half, but my favorite part is when the kid in the commercial drops the Altima down the toilet. the look on his face, through the water gets me EVERY time. As a NASCAR fan who watches races, the novelty of a new commercial wears off by the end of the Daytona 500. In other words quickly.

Thanks for reading. Halftime. Go Buckeyes.
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