Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why hello old friend!

When I was little, after I graduated from the bike I used the training wheels with, I had one of the best bikes EVER!! The MUD SLINGER. Metallic grey, red and neon yellow accents, splash guards - man, I tore up my street on that thing. I cannot even tell you how many miles were logged, or tires I went through.

Moving up in the world, in the sixth grade, I got my Huffy Ironman mountain bike. That is the same bike I rode until I could go somewhere else, besides my neighborhood, by driving there. Or so I thought.

Born from necessity last weekend, when I sprained my ankle pretty badly, I was itching to do something to do, other than lie around with an ice pack. Up until last week I was running 3-4 miles on a run 2 or 3 times a week. To solve this dilemma, I braced up my foot last Sunday evening, and hoped on a jalopy of a bike that Corrado found in the trash one day (When I say jalopy, I mean it, it's stuck in gear 12 of 21).

I rode up Main Street to 81 and went East. Round trip distance ended at a 12 mile ride. Not bad for a bum, and still bum ankle.

It was so peaceful. I was exploring parts of Hardin County I would never expect nor intend to see. Being a student in Ada, if like myself, develop a one track mind focusing everything around school. While not a bad thing, some of the subtle beauty is easily missed.

The fun I had on the piece of junk bike, has me wanting to complete my own little Le Tour de Ada. Tonight I made it the next village over. Dola. Scratch that. What's the word for a town smaller than a village? Dwelling? PO Box? Either way, I saw the next big grain tower and rode to it and back. I took a camera, to savor some of the cool scenery along the way. I'll be sure to share those pictures when it's not so late.

Even though its similar to most other areas of NW Ohio, I still enjoyed seeing from a different perspective. Back on a bike. So whenever I decide to go on another extended "Stage" of Le Tour de Ada, I'll be sure to tell about the experience.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Back To My Blog!

Living in Ada, Ohio for the summer has its ups and downs.

Good: I'm taking full advantage of the rent I'm paying for the next year living in my house.
Bad: Not too many folks to hang out with all the time.
Good: Makes for great get-togethers when people do make it back!

Bad: Compared to living in Tennessee, the weather does not. (It didn't make it passed 75 on the thermometer this weekend.) Jeans are only considered appropriate attire during the summer on casual Fridays; not for lounging around the house or playing cornhole outside.

Good: I have a great internship, providing me with great experience!
Bad: I'm paying way too much for the minimum number of credit hours to a fantastic institution that is providing nothing in return (other than confirming my internship).

The list could go on but I'll leave it at that for now. As for the retitling of my blog, it stands true: You know you live in Ada or the summer when you start to blog. When my current roommates leave for home on the weekends, I have plenty of quiet time which gives me time to think about "stuff" and generate ideas. One thought is to share some with you. Hopefully I'll stick to my plan, and provide entertaining as well as insightful posts.