Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Back To My Blog!

Living in Ada, Ohio for the summer has its ups and downs.

Good: I'm taking full advantage of the rent I'm paying for the next year living in my house.
Bad: Not too many folks to hang out with all the time.
Good: Makes for great get-togethers when people do make it back!

Bad: Compared to living in Tennessee, the weather does not. (It didn't make it passed 75 on the thermometer this weekend.) Jeans are only considered appropriate attire during the summer on casual Fridays; not for lounging around the house or playing cornhole outside.

Good: I have a great internship, providing me with great experience!
Bad: I'm paying way too much for the minimum number of credit hours to a fantastic institution that is providing nothing in return (other than confirming my internship).

The list could go on but I'll leave it at that for now. As for the retitling of my blog, it stands true: You know you live in Ada or the summer when you start to blog. When my current roommates leave for home on the weekends, I have plenty of quiet time which gives me time to think about "stuff" and generate ideas. One thought is to share some with you. Hopefully I'll stick to my plan, and provide entertaining as well as insightful posts.

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