Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Auto Show Brings Hope

Every year, many car enthusiasts look forward to the North American International Auto Show. Often, car makers take to the public, new, exotic cars, showcasing their design talents, which often influence future designs, technology and car models. The Wall Street Journal has a slideshow featuring new concepts.

This year is certainly no different in terms of excitement and anticipation of whats to come.

Many of the concepts featured, include green technology like improved efficiency from combustion engines, electric, and hybrid powered vehicles. Looking at a number of concepts, I think a number of the vehicles seem very feasible (as well as being told that by their company executives). With the style and technology, experts and consumers are less likely to say WOW (when some of them deserve the attention!) and more likely to ask, When?

The Chrysler 200C, a beautiful midsize concept, state that it will be a rear-wheel drive platform in order to possibly accomodate, hybrid, extended-range electric, or efficient V6 engines. When? When will I get to see these options available? I assume that will be when the economy begins to turn around.

GM is looking to play to its strengths. It is about time. For the past few years, Chevrolet and Buick have tremendous success selling their products in China. The first redesign since the Buick LaCrosse was introduced at the NAIAS. Looking quite different from the original, it was stated that GM's China design team had a major part in redesigning the car from the ground up.

Getting the products the consumers want, are going to take time for the established companies (GM, Chrysler, Ford), however, because of the infancy of the new, alternative fuel vechicles, many companies are at a level playing field, looking to capitalize on the new, important segment of the market.

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