Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rolling in Security and Style - Limo One

In the spirit of marking President Barack Obama's Inauguration today, following the recent theme of automotive related posts, I wanted to learn more about - and pass on to you - information on the new limousine for our 44th President. Wired.com posted a blog featuring the new Cadillac Stagecoach.

Many specifics of the vehicle remain unknown, for obvious security reasons, but it is intriguing to know that the vehicle weighs over seven tons. The Stagecoach is taller and wider than the previous Cadillac DTS, which President Bush has used since 2005. Watching the parade coverage, it is very easy to see why the car would need to be wider. The doors are clearly just as wide commercial jet. Cadillac has produced fewer than 25 editions of Presidential Limos.

In terms of staying connected, the Stagecoach will allow the President to never miss a beat while traveling via Limo One. It has the latest satellite and communications technology. As far as safety, more than 5 inches of bulletproof glass, a kevlar mat protecting the underside of the vehicle, and a sealed air recirculation system will protect anyone inside from most any attack.

One interesting fact mentioned in the blog is that since 2001, the current Presidential Limos are no longer allowed to serve as museum pieces, and are required to be destroyed after their use has passed in order to protect their security secrets.

A limousine will not make or break a Presidency, however, I believe it will be one of the many tools that will help him fulfill his duty. Here is to a new era, President Obama!

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