Monday, November 16, 2009

Buy Nothing Day - Latest Holiday Craze!

It's been a while since I have posted a picture of the week. I think this will qualify. For my Graphic Design course, we are to design a postcard encouraging participating in Buy Nothing Day. On Black Friday, instead of getting up early, and spending unnecessary hard earned money on likely useless items, spend the day instead with quality family time. Play a game, go outside, enjoy the Thanksgiving leftovers, etc! So do your family a favor and hangout with them instead of potentially getting trampled at Toys 'R' Us.

Enjoy, have a Happy Thanksgiving! I'll see most of you when we return from break. In the mean time, keep blogging! By the way, if you like the Buy Nothing Day image, please email me or give credit where credit is due. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

So this is your "Black Friday" project? I think it looks great! It also gets the message across in a humorous way. What typefaces did you use? I think this was one of my more favorite projects in GD1. I know I will definitely not be shopping the day after thanksgiving; I'll more than likely have jet lag, haha. Enjoy your break!

Professor Alisa Agozzino said...

Very cool Kyle... But you know I love to shop, no matter what the day!

Kyle E. said...

Stephanie - Yep, this is the project you're referring to. Thanks for the comment. I did a search for the Monopoly font - Kabel. I used a jpeg from a site that allowed a custom preview. for the font on the cards, I used one that was on my pc. I wanted something that looked like a font on a dollar bill.

Aggie - Thanks for the love. I do know you love to shop, for Harvey Seatbelt bags. You might just make me give in. Do they make wallets? haha

Anonymous said...


Excellent work. I know you are in love with the Hatch prints but you made the right call here. There will be a chance for those down the road...maybe in capstone part II. Way to adapt, improvise, overcome, and produce the quality of work you are coming to be know for.