Saturday, November 7, 2009

Live Sports Broadcasting

Partly due to the fact that I'm a bit under the weather, I've kept myself inside today. But one of the bright spots of my day was watching my friends on the women's volleyball team capture yet another OAC Tournament Championship! Congratulations to them! I was able to watch them via a live broadcast from Heidleburg's Web site.

It brought me to this thought: why doesn't ONU broadcast (with television) more away contests? I'm aware that we have a number of dedicated sports announcers who do their homework, and broadcast many away contests on WONB. I feel as though more people would be willing to tune in and watch a webcast than just an audio broadcast over the radio.

Last year, during the opening round of the NCAA Soccer Championship, I got to watch ONU defeat Wheaton College in an exciting match. In doing so, I fulfilled a promise, that if they won, that I would take a carload of friends to Chicago the next night to watch the next game! It was a great experience, because as a fan with little to no knowledge of soccer, being able to watch the game instead of listen, makes it more enjoyable.

Does anyone know why we do not broadcast live games on the internet? Just a thought.

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