Friday, October 9, 2009

FCC Regulation on Endorsements

It's no lie that NASCAR is one of the most highly commercialized sports around. Sponsors have the ultimate say in who does what for whom in the sport. Their dollars are spent trying to promote their product or service. Drivers endlessly plug their sponsors, because it is a necessary 'evil'. Sponsors allow drivers and teams do what they love; race.

Soon, no matter how genuine a drivers' feeling toward a sponsor during a plug will have to be regulated.

Burger King's latest campaign with Tony Stewart touts that he endorses the Whopper purely because he loves it.   Today he could be on the television stating, "I just went to Burger King, to get my favorite burger, the Whopper." Under the new regulation, he would have to insert the phrase, "I just went to Burger King to get my favorite burger, the Whopper, because the sponsor me." Or something to that effect.

I write about this, because many drivers are on Twitter. From Juan Pablo Montoya to Kevin Harvick, and Denny Hamlin to Elliott Sadler, are all sharing tweets with the world. I personally follow Elliott Sadler, who is sponsored by Stanley Tools and Best Buy. I've seen tweets from him that could be in violation of potential regulation and also safe from regulation.

Bad Example 1Gonna have to go to best buy and buy some more games cause kevin thinks this one is rigged. Best buy here we come!!!!!!

Good Example 2: I have the coolest sponsors! Follow these guys! RT @BestBuyRacing19 Giving away an Insignia 8" photo frame trivia starts @ 2 ET.

Most race fans know that drivers endorese their sponsors because they are paid to do so. I just find it interesting and also very confusing (especially all athletes and celebrities who endorse products) as to where the line will be drawn.  I hope that the legislation (should it eventually pass) be clear and define that line.

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