Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going Viral

After reading the chapter, Going Viral, in The New Influencers, it brought up the Numa Numa video I had posted back from the first week. Just as it was stated in the book, this happened to be one of the first viral videos that I had come across. I think the authors stated it perfectly, that almost everyone wants to be Gary Brolsman, and become some kind of sensation and claim their fifteen minutes of fame.

The best part about viral marketing is that it can happen very quickly, and a minimum cost to the firm. However they are not always effective. I came across this recent attempt by DisneyPixar (as noted by their ID) promoting the Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D. View the link here. I really liked the idea, but I don't think it has caught on. It's a remix of "You've Got a Friend in Me." I saw when it was first released in early October. To date, it only has 45,000 views. I've only seen the link come up on YouTube, however the video does direct you to their Facebook page.

Often times companies violate so many of the rules outlined in the Going Viral chapter that they deny their potential sensation any chance at becoming successful. However, I don't think the folks at DisneyPixar violated any of the Success Factors as outlined.

The product had better be good - Toy Story! I don't know anyone my age or even remotely close that didn't enjoy Toy Story.
The campaign must be innovative/intriguing/fun - The remix was definitely fun and intreiguing, however, I do not think it was innovative. Everyone has seen or heard a remix at some point. I think it was a good idea though.
Don't push it - They folks responsible for creating this did just that. It is sitting on YouTube, and a link is on the Facebook page. Accessible to all.
Reward - I think the reward is the enjoyment of watching and listening.
Let go - at this point, I don't think, overall anything good or negative have come from this, except that 45,000 people have viewed it. Today their are 97 comments. Most of them positive and encouraging.
Use the medium - Seeing the Facebook and YouTube page, DisneyPixar is doing a fairly good job at using Social Media. Not everything can be a success.

I at least hope you got a little enjoyment out of the video. I did!

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