Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Off the Ground

Last week, I had the chance to eat lunch with the Dicke College of Business Administration's Business Advisory Board. I got to have a delicious (free) meal, and have a great conversation with a few professors and business leaders at my table. One of the side conversations between myself and a President of a regional bank, was my choice as a Marketing student to take a class involving social media.

One question he directed at me, "What kind of strategies could you recommend I get involved in?" First, I was blown away, that a question like that was directed at me. Second, I brought up some of the advantages to starting a corporate blog. However, after reading part two, of Groundswell, I wish I would have read it a little earlier in the week. Having an answer by asking, what would be your overall goal, for starting such an initiative, would have been a better more educated answer (not that my answer was wrong or off base). Bringing up one of the five objectives commonly pursued: listening, talking, energizing, supporting, or embracing, may have been more along the lines of a recommendation than the straight answer I gave.

This chapter provided great insight on what to consider when implementing a new social media plan. Starting with first, an evaluation of your objectives. As many ideas I've had whether helping a friend with starting a business, and promoting his brand, this very first important step is one that would not have considered. Being aware of that first, has the ability to change the overall direction and increase the effectiveness of the plan.

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