Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tale of Two You's

With the huge social media explosion taking place in our world today, especially for emerging professionals, it's important to be aware of your online profiles. Filtering content on profiles such as Facebook should be common knowledge, but can be an easy thing to miss. It's really hard for employers to take you, the professional, seriously while you, the party-er, is bragging about the past weekend's escapades, or posting all the crazy photos online.

Most people are aware enough not to post compromising information themselves. What people need to watch for is what other people post. If needed, individuals should ask photos or other information be removed if necessary. It is always interesting to see the information that people post about others.

Have you ever read the fights between people on Facebook? They are hilarious to read. I can recall seeing those on news feeds in High School, but I was always dumbfounded that they actually happened. Does anyone have anything surprising that they've seen come up on Facebook or anywhere else online?


Alli said...

The idea of this post is always a good one to have in mind while creating your "brand." I, too can remember people's fights through wall posts or status updates in high school. I remember thinking, "how stupid." Once in the middle school in my hometown, the fights online broke out in the school with practically every student taking a side. What a fiasco for the guidance counselors!

JoJo said...

You should check out the cite "My Parents Joined" People post the funny things their parents post on face book. it's a riot. I personally am friends with my mom and other relatives on face book, even though when I update my status with something dramatic about how tired or busy I am I inevitably get checked up on via face book but it also keeps my profile in shape and keeps me thinking about how i am representing myself online.