Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tweet Your Way to $100 million

As of noon today, the Wall Street Journal posted a Breaking News article (found here) that Twitter is reportedly raising $100 million from as many as seven investors. This is the third time that the folks at Twitter have raised capital, and this is the largest sum to date.

Using a similar method to the one applied for Facebook, investors have estimated Twitters value at over $1 billion. This is astounding because Twitter has yet to post any true revenue. This is because the value lies in the users, and the content users post. Supposedly, part cash being raised may go towards building premium services for Twitter-users.

So much of the value I perceive is that Twitter-users have the speed of communication and the variety of access is points (web, simple text message updates, to the applications for sophisticated smartphones).

As far as premium services go, what could Twitter offer for some type of subscription, besides what is already availible, such as: TweetDeck, Twittervision, Twitpic, etc.?

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