Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pic of the Week

IMG_4233, originally uploaded by buckeye_guy72.
Not only am I required blog for my social media course, I am also required to post images to Flickr for my Graphic Design course. I also have an interest in Digital Photography, in which I'm now taking that class. So in honor of being so enveloped in Social Media these days, I'll occasionally post a Picture of the week.

So check back often, these are bound to be very exciting!

This image is 1 of 101 apples I drew. It is mixed media, pen and colored pencil. I'm not a very abstract person, nor do I typically draw abstract, but this turned out really cool. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Kyle, I took GD1, GD2, and GD3 last year (it's my minor)! I remember those 101 apple drawings...except in a lot of them I didn't put in as much effort as you. I drew an apple with a mullet, for example (don't ask). We did not have to post pictures on Flickr for GD, though, and I kind of wish we did. What all are you doing in Digital Photography? Before reading your post I was a little confused as to what your image was, but after reading it I can see the top perspective of the apple. I think it's really different and interesting compared to the other apple drawings I've seen/made. Have you tried this approach (mixed media, etc.) on other drawings as well?

Kyle E. said...

Currently in Photography, we're going over the basics. Last class period we got to become more familiar with the manual settings on my digital camera. I now am more aware of what to use, but I still need to become more aware HOW to use those settings.

As far as mixed media, I have not done much. I have found in the last year, that I really enjoy pen/ink. So it makes me think that I should try more mixed media (pen/colored pencil). I have a couple of drawings that I need to finish before jumping into some more mixed media. I'll try and post a picture of the Camaro I've been working on.